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Suzanne Gardner Flowers

Bulb Vase Extra Tall - Frosted Bottom

Bulb Vase Extra Tall - Frosted Bottom

Presenting Our Unique Bulb Vase

Our Bulb Vase is a distinctive addition to your indoor plant collection. It comes with a frosted spherical base that can hold the roots of forced bulbs, and a tall cylinder that supports the flowers. This makes it the perfect option for growing indoor paperwhites, amaryllis and other forced bulbs during the winter months.

Not only is our Bulb Vase functional, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. The frosted glass provides a subtle elegance. The tall cylinder supports the flowers, allowing them to grow straight and tall, creating a beautiful display.

The unique design of our Bulb Vase makes it a great gift option for plant lovers and anyone who appreciates beautiful home decor. It is sure to become a favorite piece in any indoor plant collection

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