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Suzanne Gardner Flowers

My Dog is my Bestie

My Dog is my Bestie

Training Leash from Knotty Pets

MADE IN CANADA Every single one of Knotty Pets products is made to order in their Montreal Workshop by a small team of passionate master craftsmen. A slip lead is the simplest way to control a dog. It is composed of a single line strung through a ring at one end, to make a continuously tightening loop that goes around your dog’s neck. Slip leads adjust to the size of any dog’s neck and make it impossible for dogs to back out of them.

TShirt (Size XLarge so Mom stays super comfy when she's out for a walk or relaxing on the sofa with her pup)

Charleston Candle Co - They create and hand-pour all of their candles in small batches in Charleston, SC. Each scent they choose for their candles represents a historic or significant part of Lowcountry culture. Charleston has been voted time and time again as one of the top destinations in the world, and they want to share a bit of this magical city with you. Every candle will have citrus notes to keep your space fresh and clean.

LoveFresh all purpose cleaning to clean up after puppy accidents safely, all natural ingredients

Swedish dish cloth with adorable puppy print

Handcrafted Wooden Box  

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