Lemon Cypress Topiary


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       S U N L I G H T

      Your Cypress will require BRIGHT sunlight to thrive.  It will do best sitting close to a window that will receive South or Western sunlight.  

      W A T E R I N G

      You can never allow your Cypress to dry out! This plant will need a water every other day. The best way to water your Cypress is to fill a bucket and fully submerge in water. Once it stops bubbling you know it has taken in the water it needs. Allow to drain in the sink before putting it back in your decorative pot.

      H U M I D I T Y

      Your Cypress will want a little more humidity than what is naturally present in your home, so it’s a good idea to set up a humidifier close to your Myrtle.

      If you don't have a humidifier at home you can also sprits the leaves of the tree to give the tree the humidity it needs.

      A D D I T I O N A L   C A R E 

      Pruning requires a sharp pair of scissors; place the topiary on a lazy Susan if you have one and spin it around to make sure all sides are trimmed evenly. Trimming back stray branches and half to three-quarters of the new growth will allow the topiary to look fresh and full.


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