Ficus Lyrata Tree


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      S U N L I G H T

      Ficus Lyrata requires a special kind of light to thrive and grow into a large mature plant. Indirect sunlight is best. Place your Lyrata near a window to ensure it has enough light. Avoid any direct sunlight, as it can burn the leaves.

      Rotation is also key! You will quickly notice your Lyrata will tend to bend and reach towards the light. Rotate the plant so it needs to bend the opposite way. This will ensure it grows tall and straight.

      W A T E R I N G

      Ficus Lyrata likes fairly moist soil, but not too much water. As a rule of thumb, water when the top 2-3 inches dries out. Add water to the soil until it just starts to drain out the bottom of the pot. Don’t water again until the top 2-3 inches dry out. If it takes longer than 7-10 days for this to happen, add less water when it IS time to water.

      H U M I D I T Y

      Your Ficus Lyrata will want a little more humidity than what is naturally present in your home, so it’s a good idea to set up a humidifier in the room.

      Wiping down the leaves is a MUST! They will collect at lot of dust, which can prevent the plant from absorbing sunlight and key nutrients. Using a damp cloth, wipe down the leaves on your Lyrata once a month. Not only will this ensure it says healthy, but looking great as well.

      F E E D I N G

      Apply Kelpman Specialty Fertilizer once every two weeks during the active growth period only.

      This Ficus Lyrata is approximately 6 feet tall. 

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