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Charisma Amaryllis Bulb

Charisma Amaryllis Bulb

Discover the Magnificent Amaryllis Charisma, the enchanting blooms of the Amaryllis 'Charisma' cultivar never fail to captivate with their vibrant and charismatic colors. This cultivar boasts large, trumpet-shaped flowers that feature a striking combination of rich red and creamy white hues. The petals showcase a mesmerizing blend of colors, creating a dynamic and eye-catching display.

Amaryllis is a beautiful plant that can bloom year after year if properly cared for.

Here's how to keep your Amaryllis growing strong and blooming well for multiple seasons:

If you want to control the bloom time, you can force the Amaryllis into dormancy. In mid-July, store the potted plant in a dark and relatively dry spot, like a basement. You may want to place the pot on its side to prevent accidental watering. The lack of water and darkness will cause the bulb to go back into a dormant state. The foliage will slowly die back, and the nutrients will seep back into the bulb to nourish it for future growth. After about 12 weeks of rest, you can bring the pot out in late October, remove any dead foliage, and refreshen the soil. To start the growth process once again, give the plant a drink of room temperature water. If the foliage has not died back, it's likely because the storage site was too humid, and the Amaryllis may not bloom again.

Repot them in October, when you are bringing them out of dormancy.

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