How do I care for my cut flowers?

When you receive your bouquet remove flowers from packaging including the water pack.  Remove any foliage that will be below water level in your vase, this will avoid any bacteria forming in your water.  Cut flowers on an angle with a sharp knife or floral scissors.  Then place your flowers in warm water with chrystal that has been provided.  Keep your flowers away from direct heat and sunlight.  For longer lasting blooms change out your water every other day. Provide your stems with a fresh cut each time before placing back into your fresh warm water.

How do I care for my vase arrangement?

Check water level on receipt of flowers as well as daily to ensure they stay hydrated.  Place protective material under container to protect furniture or countertops to avoid any water stains.  Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.  For longer lasting blooms change out your water every other day. Gently hold the flowers and tip out as much water as possible, then refill with fresh warm water.

How do I care for my Orchid?

Orchids need bright, indirect light in order to thrive. Keep away from any air conditioner or heat vents.

Water your orchid every 10 to 14 days. If you are not sure if it is time to water use your finger to feel the moisture level. If you feel any dampness in the pot your orchid is not ready to be watered. If it feels dry to the touch half way down it's now time to water. Ensure that you allow ALL the water to fully drain out from your orchid pot, they do not like to sit in water.

Rainwater or distilled water is the best for orchids. They are sensitive to the chemicals and salts found in our tap water, which will build up over time and harm your Orchid..

Do NOT use ice cubes to water your orchids., room temperature water only.

Orchid flowers will naturally die off after a couple of months if properly cared for. Remove any dead buds as they go.

After the blooming period, cut the flower stem 1" below the last flower to promote an additional spike.

What is your Return/Exchange policy?

Returns on our florals are only accepted under the following circumstances:

Any issues must be indicated to us within 24 hours of receipt of the flowers, if you are calling after hours, please leave a message with the date and time of your call and phone number that we can reach you at.

As flowers are perishable, we do not issue refunds, however if the issue cannot be resolved, an in-store credit may be available.

It is the recipient’s responsibility to follow the care instructions provided for their arrangement or bouquet.  Flowers are perishable and if not given water will not survive.

It is your responsibility, as the sender, to ensure that the recipient will be at the location of the delivery on the date of delivery. If the recipient goes home early when delivered to a workplace or is out of town with a home delivery, it is not cause for refund or exchange as we have fulfilled our obligation in delivering upon the date of request as ordered by the sender. We only call ahead of time to coordinate delivery with the recipient if requested by the sender.

Returns on plants at Suzanne Gardner Flowers have a 48 hour exchange policy with a receipt (some restrictions apply). All plants that are not returned at the quality level in which they were purchased will not qualify for an exchange.

Once you leave with your plant we do not have the ability to guarantee that the humidity + sunlight or the care it receives will thrive or survive. It is up to you now to pay attention to your plant’s needs and problems as they arise.

What we can do is supply you with a healthy plant that has received our tender-loving-care, is correctly identified as far as its variety, instructions for care, and supplies to help each plant do its best in your home. Once a plant leaves our store we can take no responsibility for the health and lifespan of the plant.

The plant that you are taking home will hold a huge and wonderful potential to bring life, beauty, and inspiration to your home and will only come into their full glory if properly cared for.

Typical maintenance for plants is watering, insect control, pruning, fertilizing etc. All of these are subject to proper sunlight and watering. After plants leave our store there is no warranty or guarantee implied. 

Returns on retail merchandise, If you changed your mind or it just didn't work out the way you wanted in your home you can exchange within 7 days of purchase along with proof of purchase.  Your items must be in the same condition as they were in when we sold them to you.  We do not issue refunds, store credit or exchanges only.

Returns on Curated Gift Boxes, our Curated Gift Boxes are final sale due to the extensive work that goes into them.  This was thoughtful chosen by the sender specifically for you. We can not issue exchanges for items in your curated gift boxes towards other merchandise in our store or issue store credits.





A note from Suzanne

Our Bathurst location is a Design Studio only and is not open for retail shopping. You can order online or call the studio for curb side pick up or for delivery in Toronto and the GTA. We are currently only offering curb side pick up on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10am to 3pm, deliveries are being offered Tuesday through to Saturday in Toronto and the GTA. Our Orangeville location remains open for in store shopping. This is a beautiful space filled with plants, florals, luxurious European goods, Espresso and fresh baked cookies and more. You can order online or call the store for delivery in dufferin county area Tuesdays through to Saturday.