Ponderosa Lemon Tree


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      five feet tall

      Ponderosa Lemon Tree Care Keep the tree watered but not overly. . Allow the top 1 inch of soil to dry during the fall and winter seasons. Keep the tree in an area between 80-90 degrees F. (26 to 32 C.) to encourage blooming and fruiting. Mist the leaves with water daily to add humidity into the air.  Feed the tree with a citrus liquid fertilizer twice each month during the growing season. At dormancy, cut back to once a month in the fall and winter. Additional Ponderosa lemon tree care is in regards to pruning. Prune the tree in the early spring prior to any budding. Using clean, sharp shears, remove any crossing branches.

      Bring the tree inside for the winter when temps drop below 50 degrees F. (10 C.). Place it in a bright room with a daytime temp of 65 degrees F. (18 C.) and night temperatures of between 55-60 degrees F. (12 to 15 C.). Move the tree back outside when sustained night temps are above 55 degrees F. (12 C.). Allow it to acclimate over the course of a couple weeks by putting it out in a warm, shaded area during the day and moving it back inside at night. Gradually begin to move the tree into more sun exposure each day and leave it out for a couple days. When the tree has hardened off, it should stay in sun, outside until the fall providing a sublime aroma of sweet citrus to the patio or deck.

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