Burro Tail


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      S U N L I G H T 

      Burro’s tail loves partial sun or bright shade. They will need bright light of up to four hours a day. Keep in mind that it the scorching sun will burn it, make sure to give it morning sunlight for better growth.

      W A T E R I N G

      Burro’s tail needs a considerable amount of water to keep the leaves attractive and plump. Soak its soil thoroughly and do not water it again until the topsoil dries out completely, especially when kept indoors because it flourishes in the well-drained container. 

      Since it is a drought-resistant plant, do not overwater it or else your lovely succulent will rot out. Nevertheless, remember that mature plants need water more frequently; make sure to check the soil often. It is recommended to water your burro’s tail once in every 14 days.


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