European Dutch Roses from VIP Roses

Vip Roses is and always has been a family company. Brothers Marc and Ed Sassen transformed what once used to be their father’s rose greenhouse into a worldwide recognized name in roses. Now, after 35 years of commitment and hard work, Vip Roses - known for two almost contradictory products - is a greenhouse like no other.
Unlike many other growers who are eager to harvest their crop so they can quickly yield the next one, Vip Roses allows each rose the time to fully develop in the ground. The Sassen brothers determine the optimal moment for each variety to be harvested. "We are looking for the most beautiful rose shape, meaning our roses are ready to be used and enjoyed. Just as a tomato tastes better when it has ripened on the vine, a rose blooms more beautifully on the bush than it will in a vase. We don’t settle for beautiful, we are satisfied once a rose has reached its full capacity - stunning.”

100% of Vip Roses’ production occurs between April and November, meaning they offer a true seasonal product. By shifting their focus to their topped roses and choosing not to grow during the coldest months, Vip Roses significantly reduces their energy usage. These conscious efforts result in an extremely small ecological footprint. Sustainability has become a passion of Vip Roses’ and their results are certainly worthy of pride.
Knowing that 80% of bugs are good bugs, Vip Roses has opted against using harsh chemicals to treat destructive insects. Instead they employ a safe, natural form of insecticide. An in-house scout is responsible for maintaining the balance of good insects to combat against any harmful insects. This organic method is referred to as “insects against insects”. This approach also ensures the health of the soil which the roses are grown in. A healthier soil undoubtedly produces a healthier, heartier rose which can thus be longer enjoyed.
Mansfield Park
From $95.00 - $245.00
Victorian Peach
From $95.00 - $245.00
From $95.00 - $245.00
Mansfield Pink Park
From $95.00 - $245.00